Financial planning is a comprehensive evaluation of a client’s current financial situation to project possible future asset values, income, and withdrawal plans in the context of personal goals, objectives and needs. These typically include future life events such as funding a child’s education or preparing for retirement. As examples, consider these common financial concerns and questions:

For those in their…

20s, 30s, & 40s

Am I saving enough for my family’s needs? for my children’s education?


Am I putting away enough money for my retirement?


Do I have enough capital to retire? If so, how long will my assets last?

70s, 80s & 90s

What are the best manners for passing my remaining assets to my heirs and others (such as my charities)?

As part of our asset management services, Lincoln Capital advisors assist clients with all phases of income and retirement planning (with tax minimization being an important related objective). At the inception of each client engagement, before we begin managing client assets, we take a planning approach to clearly define personal goals, objectives, needs, concerns and related factors such as taxation. This process is a prerequisite for determining the most appropriate strategy for managing each client’s assets and this planning process is kept current with periodic updates.

With decades of experience, Lincoln Capital provides assistance with all of the above questions, ensuring clients feel confident in their financial decisions.