Lincoln Capital takes a comprehensive approach to wealth management.  Prior to accepting responsibility for managing client assets, our onboarding process starts with a personal financial plan focused on your life objectives, financial goals, and related factors such as taxation and risk management.  Our CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals excel at assisting you in determining how much you need to save for your retirement, college tuition, charitable donations, generational wealth transfer, and other financial goals.

Our Approach

Step 1: Identify Goals

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Identify Goals

Together, we identify and define your personal and financial goals through listening and asking open-ended questions. Our work in this exploratory phase will largely influence your plan’s investment approach, cash management, insurance needs, and other financial matters.

Step 2: Gather Data

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Gather Data

The quality of a financial plan depends on the scope and clarity of the information provided.  Together we review and determine client assets and liabilities, tax considerations, current and estimated income and expenses, cash flow needs, risk tolerance, investment experience, and whether you have specific investment preferences.

Step 3: Present Plan

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Present Plan

We present to you ⎼ in-person or virtually⎼ a draft of your plan to review and discuss our financial recommendations, with explanations of our rationale.  Some, but not all, parts of the plan include a net worth statement, projected annual cash flow, asset allocation, “what-if” scenarios, and a Monte Carlo simulation.  Your plan will be presented and explained with your questions answered.  When final, we provide both a hard and electronic copy.

Step 4: Re-Calibration

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When you are a client, and as you work towards your goals, it is important to keep us updated of related developments.  Small changes can have large effects, and we will work with you to ensure you stay on track. We also remind clients to alert us of planned life changes, such as marriage, retirement, a job change, etc.


Lincoln Capital is a registered investment advisor (RIA) with financial advisors that are agents of our firm.  We are a fee-only, independent RIA that acts in a fiduciary capacity.  This means that our client’s best interests are always our primary objective.

While we provide the personal touch that only a local advisor can provide, we have access to industry leading resources including those provided by our primary custodian and broker, Charles Schwab & Company.  Other reasons to consider Lincoln Capital:

  • Unlike other firms, we do not charge a fee for developing a financial plan if we are providing investment management services
  • Our tiered management fee structure is highly competitive
  • We consider variables such as tax, estate, and cash flowing planning
  • We accommodate investors who prefer to actively manage or influence their investments
  • We are, and continue to be a family-owned and operated RIA

Let’s Get Acquainted

Schedule an initial consultation to determine if we’re a good fit. We’ll meet with you in person or virtually and there is no obligation to work with us.