Lincoln Capital Corporation, as an independent registered investment advisor (RIA), offers a distinct alternative to other modes of investment management – brokers, bank trust departments and mutual funds. Clients find our approach attractive because of our size, ease of accessibility and freedom from sales considerations. Being an independent investment advisor, we are not paid to sell any particular investment solution or concept. As fiduciaries, all investment recommendations and actions are made with our client’s financial well-being in mind.

We recognize that each client has individual objectives and concerns that call for a particular investment strategy. Our first responsibility is to develop clear and realistic goals with our clients, based on an understanding of their financial situation, risk limitations, and return expectations. At the outset, we seek to understand an individual client’s total financial picture before developing a strategy for those assets entrusted to our management. Only in this way can our participation be meshed with other decisions clients make regarding their finances.

Once the client-advisor relationship is established, we provide full-time management of assets. We encourage periodic review meetings as well as frequent informal communication. We strive to be continually accessible to our clients.