Using goals and risk parameters outlined in your personalized financial plan, our asset management services develop and implement strategies that maximize the likelihood of success.

Our Approach

At Lincoln Capital, we pride ourselves on our deep research and thorough understanding of the securities and assets held in client portfolios.  While others may rely on external parties for asset allocation and security selection, we believe that internal experience leads to lower costs, sound risk management, and a more effective and customized implementation of the client’s plan. Our professionals have built this expertise through decades of experience.

Unlike many competitors, we manage portfolios of individual common stocks.  We treat common stocks as ownership interests in a business with claims to residual cash flows, not simply a ticker symbol to be traded.  For most portfolios, this approach leads to a holding period measured in years, not days or weeks. Simply stated, we search for high quality businesses trading at attractive prices relative to our estimate of their true value.

For clients allocating to fixed income, investment grade individual bonds often play a prominent role. Individual bonds can be ideal for clients looking for income and capital preservation. Additionally, bonds can help plan for future cash flow requirements and, in some cases, help minimize taxes. We intend to hold individual bonds to maturity but, through consistent monitoring, we make changes to holdings when appropriate.

We use mutual funds and ETFs as both complements to individual stocks and bonds and as stand-alone strategies. Fund-only approaches can be appropriate for clients uncomfortable with sharp swings in individual positions, smaller accounts, or clients with work-based trading restrictions.

Through Schwab, we provide clients access to thousands of asset managers for those looking for additional diversification or exposure to niche strategies. In this scenario we provide active management over the asset managers themselves to ensure they are managing to the client’s stated objectives.


Lincoln Capital is a registered investment advisor (RIA) with financial advisors that are agents of our firm.  We are a fee-only, independent RIA that acts in a fiduciary capacity. This means that our client’s best interests are always our primary objective.

While we provide the personal touch that only a local advisor can provide, we have access to industry leading resources, including those provided by our primary custodian and broker, Charles Schwab & Company. Other reasons to consider Lincoln Capital:

  • Unlike other firms, we do not charge a fee for developing a financial plan if we are providing investment management services
  • Our tiered management fee structure is highly competitive
  • We consider variables such as tax, estate, and cash flowing planning
  • We accommodate investors who prefer to actively manage or influence their investments
  • We are, and continue to be, a family-owned and operated RIA

Let’s Get Acquainted

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